Champagne Wedding on Beer Prices

One of the things we are known for at Motel Oasis is “having a good old fashioned go”.

When Lori and Andrew came to us 6 weeks out from their wedding day and asked “do you think we can get married here?” – my reply was “hell yeah -bring it on!”

So with this we went ahead and started the planning – to turn Motel Oasis into a wedding venue. We are proud to have become quite a popular  Function Centre in Kingaroy – but this was our first wedding.

My Secret Goldmine

It is amazing what you can find when you start looking – and for me that was the best part.

I found a Brisbane wedding events company going out of business, so off I went to snap up the best goods. And did I find some lovely gems like Bali flags, candelabras and a range of decorations.

Cycline Debbie Had Us Worried

On the Wednesday and Thursday leading up to the Saturday of the wedding, we copped torrential rain – the tail end of Cyclone Debbie.

We were worried this was going to continue and ruin the day, but the gods smiled and so did the sun and we had perfect weather by Saturday.

The Magic Day

Local guests and guests from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast arrived into our pool area, to be greeted with a festive site that we transformed with decorations. By night the many lights turned the pool into a sparkling wonderland and you could smell the glorious perfumes wafting from all the fresh flowers lingering in the warm evening air.

As a second time round for Lori or Andrew, they didn’t want the pomp and ceremony of a traditional wedding.  Instead they wanted the occasion to be more of a fun party for their family and friends. And it certainly was.

As many of the guests were staying in the motel, they found it comforting to be able to totally relax and enjoy the food and beverages without having to worry about driving anywhere.

We prepared a range of delicious tapas which were served from 4.30 to 7 pm and after speeches guests indulged in the beautiful wedding cake as their dessert.

All in all we know that everyone had a lovely time, as we did. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting this delightful wedding for Lori and Andrew, and we look forward to hosting future weddings for those who would welcome a Champagne Wedding at Beer Prices.

Loved it!

Tracey Fearn




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